Easy to use.

We have designed Push to Talk to be simple and intuituive. You can either use our custom Push to Talk buttons placed in your home, or our Push to Talk app for any smart phone.

It's simple and secure

A walled garden service

We make sure that your details are kept completely private.

Like-minded people

Speak to people who share similar interests and views.

Super simple setup

Connecting to our service is as easy as: press the button, receive a call.

Home phone or smartphone

Our only requirement is that you have a working phone.

How it works

Step 1:  Press the button

When you want to talk to someone, simply press 'Push to Talk' on your button or mobile app.

Our matching software then works to connect you with another person who has similar interests.

mobiles connecting to push to talk


We connect you with another person who has just pressed their button.

people connected via push to talk

Step 2:  Chat Away

You'll both receive a phone call shortly, and the two of you can talk about whatever you like, for as long as you like.

Once you're finished talking, you both just hang up.

Then, when you fancy another call, you just Push to Talk!

Common Questions

    What happens if no one is online to be connected? 

You will always receive a call whenever you press the button. In such an event that there is no one to connect you with, you will receive a call from a centralised call centre (or befriender) that is relevant to you.

    What is the cost of the service?

Push to Talk costs a fixed monthly amount with no additional or hidden charges. This cost may be covered by your Push to Talk provider with certain care plans.

   What if I want to stop using Push to Talk?

If you fancy a break, all you need to do is stop using the button! Once you're ready to use the service again you can go back to pressing Push to Talk. If you want to be permanently removed from the service then speak to your Push to Talk provider or contact us with the form below.

    How is my information kept safe?

We only keep the absolute minimum amount of data we need to run the service, and we don't share your details with any other third party other than your Push to Talk provider.

    What if I have a bad experience?

Although you most likely don't know each other during calls, the call is not anonymous. We know who called whom (but the calls are never recorded), so you can let us know should you be unhappy with or worried about the person you were just talking to.

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