Our platform compliments.

We're looking to white label our platform for health and social care providers. It has been designed to stand alone or work with an existing service.


Our platform will easily integrate with your current system.

Cost Efficient

Our platform is low cost and frees up your resources to use elsewhere.


Your customer details aren't shared and are kept private.

Why our platform works

  •  Easy to use
  •  Compliments other befriending services
  •  Highly scalable
  •  Reduces care-provider's cost
  •  Global reach

And your customers will benefit from...

A cultivated community

Connecting service users with common situations; across individual care provider boundaries.

Robust and simple setup

You manage your list of users, we take care of rest.

Highly accessible

We provide tools to connect users — all they need is a phone line.

Customer satisfaction

An always on, no waiting, localised service.

Fighting social isolation

The number of 45+ year-olds living alone has consistently increased over the last few decades, with over 50 million people in Europe already classified as socially isolated.

Number of People Living Alone by Age in the UK (millions)

Social Isolation is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It increases the chances of an early death by 14% and around 75% of GP's surveyed see up to 5 patients a day due to isolation and loneliness.

What can we address together?

Diminishing mental health

Early admission to care

Strain on health and social care services

person connected via push to talk

By working together, using the Push to Talk service, we can tackle social isolation head-on and aim to reduce the number of socially isolated people for the first time.

Together we can improve your customer care, whilst reducing service costs.

Common Questions

   How do I add / remove users?

You can inform us about users that need adding to the service and when, and we take care of the rest. Removing users from the service is as simple as returning the button or uninstalling the app and informing us.

    What is the cost of the service?

Push to Talk is a fixed monthly cost per user with no additional or hidden charges. Please contact us with the contact details below for more information on pricing.

   What are the restrictions of the service?

During the trial period the service is free to use as much or as little as needed. There are a limited number of users as the service rolls out, but more users will be connected as Push to Talk becomes available in more areas.

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