Push to Talk, the app.

To give Push to Talk an even wider reach, allowing more users to be able to join, our service is now available to download on Android (with iOS coming soon).

Download the app now by clicking on your mobile app store below, or scan the QR code with your mobile camera.

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Push to Talk is a referral only service and the referral is required to use the application. To find out if you're eligible for Push to Talk, contact us with the contact details at the bottom of the page.

It's quick and easy

Simple to use

Our app is designed to be as straight forward as possible.

Connect quickly

A press of a button, and you're searching for a match.

Access anywhere

Press the button anytime, anywhere, only with the app.

No fuss

No hardware, no installs, just an app! It's that simple.

Getting Set Up

Step 1:  Text Message

You will recieve a text mesage with install instructions for the smartphone app Push to Talk: Isolation Relief.

This will include a second message containing your signup code that will allow you to sign in.

push to talk sign up code

Step 2:  Install

Install the application for free from your phone store, open it and follow the instructions to sign into Push to Talk.

You will need to sign in using the mobile number that recieved the text message containing your signup code, and the signup code itself.

people connected via push to talk

Step 3:  Push to Talk

When you are ready to talk to someone, press and release the Push to Talk button in the app.

If someone is available, you will receive a call to your mobile phone within a short time, otherwise try again later.

The call with start with a short message, letting you know it's from Push to Talk.

push to talk app button

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